Our Mission


About Us

Since 1966, JCEO has been providing comprehensive services to the low income community in Clinton and Franklin Counties. As one of over a thousand Community Action Agencies in the country, JCEO continues to promote and implement an environment in which consumers take an active role in their pursuit of self-sufficiency.

At JCEO, 96% of the consumers who utilize our services are temporarily in need and are not on any form of public assistance. They are the working poor, the elderly, and the severely sick. They are widows, orphans and sometimes simply the unlucky who have landed suddenly in crisis. At times like these, it is a relief to know there is help at JCEO.


Our Mission

JCEO is dedicated to providing resources and services that enhance people’s dignity and self-reliance.



  • Employ a broad range of dedicated, talented individuals to achieve our mission.

  • Serve as a county referral center for persons in need of financial and personal assistance.

  • Create an environment which promotes clients’ active role in their pursuit of self sufficiency.

  • Create innovative programs by forming partnerships and coordinating services.

  • Interact with, and advocate for the economically disadvantaged.

  • Assess program effectiveness to plan for the future.


  • To excel in the provision of service that is respectful and highly responsive to people’s needs.

  • To encourage people’s active role in their pursuit of self-reliance.

  • To be fair, honest and trustworthy in all of our interactions.

  • To attract and retain a broad range of dedicated and talented staff and volunteers.

  • To encourage teamwork characterized by unity of purpose and innovation.

  • To create innovative programs by forming partnerships and coordinating services.

  • To prudently manage our resources so as to ensure the continuation of our mission.

  • To zealously safeguard confidentiality and human rights.


Our History

Learn about JCEO's mission and how we serve our community.

Joint Council for Economic Opportunity (JCEO) was created in 1966 as Clinton County’s official anti-poverty agency, two years after the signing of the historic Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) of 1964. The original mandate, which still holds true to this day, was to provide resources and services that promote people’s dignity and self-sufficiency. Programs have changed throughout the years to reflect the changing needs of the community. However, all programs are based on JCEO’s mission to alleviate poverty through practical, timely, and innovative programs and services that emphasize and develop problem-solving skills for people.

In 1998, JCEO established the Head Start program in Franklin County after its success in Clinton County. In 2013, food, transportation, and weatherization services joined Head Start in Franklin County. Joint Council for Economic Opportunity changed its name to Joint Council for Economic Opportunity of Clinton and Franklin Counties to reflect the larger 2-county service area.

JCEO serves the residents of Clinton and Franklin Counties through its main administrative office as well as 11 Community Outreach Centers and ten Head Start Centers. A 24 member Board of Directors consisting of eight members each from the private, public, and consumer sectors of the local community governs the agency. Programs currently administered include Head Start, Early Head Start, Day Care Resources, Food Services, Weatherization, HEAP, Emergency Homeless, Community Outreach, and Senior Outreach.