Day Care

If you are looking for day care or want to become a New York State Registered or Licensed Day Care Provider, JCEO’s Day Care Program is a good place to start.


Where do you begin when trying to find day care? Watch this video, and visit the Office of Children and Family Services Child Care Search here.


Find Day Care

JCEO’s Day Care Program can assist parents with finding safe, reliable, and affordable day care that meets the individual needs of their family. JCEO collects and maintains information about all types of daycare in our area.

In order to assist parents with finding adequate day care, day care specialists will gather information about the type of child care you desire, the geographic area, the hours of care needed, and the ages of the children, as well as information on any special needs your child might have. Staff will utilize this information to compile a list of providers that will meet your family’s individual needs.

For assistance finding a day care program in Clinton County, contact us at (518) 561-6310 or use the contact form below. More information on day care can be obtained by visiting the Office of Children and Family Services website.


Become a Day Care Provider

JCEO’s Day Care Program supports individuals that are interested in starting a day care program in their community. We offer technical support with the application process and can provide limited start-up funds to assist with health and safety items. Any day care program planning to serve 3 or more children for more than 3 hours a day on a regular basis must obtain a license or registration, and JCEO is there to guide you through the process.


New York State recognizes three types of Day Cares.

  • NYS Legal Exempt – provide care for family members

  • NYS Registered Family Day Care – provide care in your home for up to 8 children ages 6 weeks to 12 years

  • NYS Licensed Group Family Day Care- provide care in your home for up to 16 children with an assistant for children ages 6 weeks to 12 year

By becoming a daycare provider, you can network with other professionals in your field, learn and use up-to-date child care practices, obtain important tax-deduction information, and receive free training. We provide information on health related issues and best practices in program management. We also work with providers to identify unmet training needs. Providers have access to a resource lending library.



Providers are required to complete 30 hours of training every 2 years to maintain their license. Trainings are offered throughout the year.

Health and Safety Training

This required training for soon-to-be providers is presented quarterly at JCEO in Plattsburgh. The 15-hour training fee is $235.00. Providers will learn how to utilize the day care regulations to enhance their new program while keeping children safe.

Nutrition Training

A free 2-hour Nutrition/Civil Rights training is offered yearly at JCEO in Plattsburgh. This is required for CACFP participants.

Other available Training

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care 

Obesity Prevention

First aid and CPR Training

Training is also provided by Child Care Coordinating Council of the North Country.


Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

JCEO administers CACFP, a partial cash reimbursement program where day care providers are reimbursed for healthy meals they serve. CACFP is a great way to deliver nutritious foods that contribute to the healthy development of young children.

To participate in the program, providers are required to keep a daily record of the meals they serve, submit monthly forms, and attend an annual training.

To apply for CACFP, you must be a NYS Registered, Licensed, or Legally Exempt Child Care Provider and you must provide child care in your home.


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