Board Of Directors


Community Action Agencies are designed to address low income needs unique to each local community. Unlike many federal programs that are designed with a broad lens to reach majorities, JCEO is able to address issues that are specific to Clinton and Franklin Counties.

To accomplish this, the JCEO Board of Directors consists of one third elected public officials (Public Sector), and one third officials from business, industry, labor, religious, law enforcement, education, or other major groups interested in the community (Private Sector). The remaining members are chosen as representatives of the economically disadvantaged in the area (Consumer Sector). These 24 members work together to identify and address poverty concerns here in the North Country.

The Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, with the exception of April, August and December. Board meetings take place at 12 noon in the upstairs conference room at JCEO’s main office in Plattsburgh.

Public Sector

  • Jill Abdallah

  • Martha Bachman – Assistant Secretary

  • Thomas Gosrich

  • James King – Assistant Treasurer

  • Karl Schenck – Treasurer

  • Rev. Rick Wilburn

  • Barbara Zelinski – Secretary

 Consumer Sector

  • Maria Alexander – President

  • Deborah Coryer- Vice President

  • Mark Hamilton

  • Mark Lukens

  • Maxine Perry

  • Becky Preve

  • Pat Sherwin

 Private Sector

  • Mark Bennett

  • Rich Holcomb

  • Greg Janisewski

  • Mark Kaiser, CPA – Audit Committee Chair

  • Darlene Trombley

  • Steve Novacich – Officer-At-Large

  • Keith Wells – President