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JCEO is a private, not-for-profit human service agency that serves the residents of Clinton and Franklin Counties through its main administrative offices as well as 13 Community Outreach Centers and 10 Head Start Centers. All programs are based on JCEO’s mission to alleviate poverty through practical, timely, and innovative services that emphasize and develop problem-solving skills for people.

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Our Mission

JCEO is dedicated to providing resources and services that enhance people’s dignity and self-reliance.

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Our Programs

JCEO provides comprehensive programming for people of all ages throughout Clinton and Franklin Counties.


Community Outreach

Community Outreach Centers meet the needs of low-income individuals with food pantries, information and referrals, application assistance, and more.

Day care

Our Day Care Program can assist parents with finding safe and affordable daycare. We also help individuals become a licensed or registered day care provider.

Food Services

The Food Services Program works to improves community health by distributing recovered and farmed food to those in need. A Mobile Farmer’s Market brings nutritious food into the communities experiencing food insecurity.

Senior Outreach

The Senior Outreach Program meets the diverse needs of the aging population, 60 and over, by providing information about programs, benefits, and services that may be available to them.

Energy Services

The Energy Services Program reduces energy costs for income-eligible households by making their homes more energy efficient, at no cost to the household.

Head Start & Early Head Start

Head Start & Early Head Start is a comprehensive childhood education program that promotes the school readiness of children from birth to age five, while building relationships with families.

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Our Impact

At JCEO, 96% of the consumers who utilize the Community Action Agency’s services are temporarily in need and are not on any form of public assistance. They are the working poor, the elderly, and the severely sick. They are widows, orphans and sometimes simply the unlucky that have landed suddenly in crisis. At times like these, it is a relief to know there is help available at JCEO.



pounds of food

678,403 pounds of food was recovered from local grocery stores and Feeding America in 2018



Backpacks supplied

2,990 backpacks of food were distributed to elementary children identified as food insecure in the 2017-2018 school year



Homes weatherized

107 homes were weatherized to ensure safety and reduce energy costs in 2018 through our Energy Services Program


Get Involved

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Volunteer opportunities

We encourage all individuals to make a difference in their community. Volunteers can assist with a variety of tasks, from office assistance, to transportation, to working with children.


Make a Donation

Consider making a donation. Ninety-three cents out of every dollar goes towards funding our programs that service Clinton and Franklin counties. Find more information here on how we make an impact in the community.

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