Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services (FCS) has an opportunity to support families and children throughout the program year – from recruitment and enrollment to preparing for transitions to and from Head Start. FCS is responsible for recruitment, enrollment, and providing a wide variety of support services to Head Start families. They are always recruiting 3 and 4 year old children for Head Start. Applications are completed with families and then put through the selection process. Once a child is selected, the FCS staff begin gathering information to establish a Family Partnership plan.

A Family Partnership plan is a strength-based approach to setting and achieving goals with families. When parents and guardians feel good about themselves and their lives, they have more energy for parenting and to set a good example for their children. Whether it be going back to school, getting a better job, improving a housing situation, developing healthier habits, learning how to budget, or making other positive changes, FCS will encourage and support families. Partnerships with families support children’s school readiness and healthy development.

Head Start recognizes that parents are their children’s primary teachers and advocates. Parent involvement in Head Start is key to children’s positive growth and development. FCS staff encourages families to participate in whatever capacity suits them best. There are many ways to be involved: parent committees, Policy Council (part of the governing body of Head Start), volunteering in the classroom, attending parent education workshops, M.I.C.E. group (Males Involved in Children’s Education), and much more!