Food Services Program

Franklin County’s Food Services Program prevents hunger and improves community health by providing families and individuals with nutritious food.

JCEO obtains nutritious food via donations and agriculture. Over 480,000 pounds of food was donated in 2015 alone from supporters such as Wal-Mart, Price Chopper, Yando’s Big M, and Feed the Children. In addition, JCEO grows our own fresh produce at our Malone, NY location.

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The Food Services Program distributes the food to 54 food banks in a four-county area.

Additionally, Food Services operate two greenhouses and four gardens in Malone, NY. During the growing season, we yield approximately 40,000 pounds of fresh produce for the local community! Proper freshness and nutrients are maintained through a process of cleaning, steaming/blanching, freezing, and vacuum packaging. Food

pictures 061smServices also operate two garden stands in the summer to sell fresh produce. Proceeds from the stands go towards the purchase of seeds and equipment for the following year, creating a pattern of self-sufficiency. Approximately 6,000 pounds of corn is grown and sold to local schools as well.

Franklin County’s Food Shelf is open on Fridays from 10:00-12:00, with the exception to those months in which there is a 5th Friday and no services are offered on that day. For more information call Richard Lavigne at (518) 319-4028.

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