About Us

About Us:

Main Office 001v2Since 1966, JCEO has been providing comprehensive services to the low income community in Clinton and Franklin Counties. As one of 58 Community Action Agencies in the state of New York, JCEO continues to promote and implement an environment in which consumers take an active role in their pursuit of self-sufficiency.

At JCEO, 96% of the consumers who utilize the Community Action Agency’s services are temporarily in need and are not on any form of public assistance. They are the working poor, the elderly, and the severely sick. They are widows, orphans and sometimes simply the unlucky who have landed suddenly in crisis. At times like these, it is a relief to know there is help available. JCEO is ready to assist you today.

Our Mission Statement:

JCEO is dedicated to providing resources and services that enhance people’s dignity and self-reliance.